Teams trying to build urban assault bicycle

wpid-free-vector-downloads-bicycle-vintage-graphicsfairy21.jpgThe Veggie Biker has sought two things. The perfect pannier and the perfect bike–an urban assault vehicle–for navigating railroad crossings, pot holes and broken glass. There’s hope for a perfect bike.

An Urban BIKE DESIGN PROJECT plans to unveil the perfect city bike July 25, reports Fast Company magazine.

And readers of Fast Company get to vote on the design.

“The Quest To Design The Perfect Urban Bicycle
This spring, five design teams will compete in the Oregon Manifest’s Bike Design Challenge to innovate on what two-wheeled transportation can be.

“With more major cities adopting public bike programs as a cheaper, healthier, and greener forms of transportation, the urban cycling craze is at an all-time high, leaving industrial designers with a challenge: to design a better urban bike.

“This spring, Co.Exist and Co.Design are partnering with Oregon Manifest’s Bike Design Project, which has tapped teams of top designers and bicycle craftsmen in five major cities to create the Ultimate Urban Utility Bike.

“The five participating teams of design firms and bicycle craftsmen are MNML x Method Bicycle in Chicago; Pensa x Horse Cycles in NYC; Industry x TiCycles in Portland; Huge Design x 4130 Cycle Works in San Francisco; and Teague x Sizemore Bicycles in Seattle. Each will compete to create a pair of wheels that’s safer and sleeker than anything that’s come before, prepared to weather the grittiest of urban commutes.”