Orange County can aspire to be this bicycling friendly

Link provided by Carlo Ritschl, Denver, CO, bicycle commuter

Orange County is not going to be truly friendly to bicycling by adding a 30 miles of bicycle trails or some bike racks. It takes decades of commitment.

Like most places in the world, the fault lies not in Orange County politics, but in is original design. But Groningen, The Netherlands, offers one vision of perfection for which the county can strive as it hosts the Active Transportation Forum at the University of California Irvine tomorrow, Oct. 18.

Starting out as a castle town in which houses could sprawl beyond the walls easily, the town’s concentrated population of 190,000 gave a liberal government the opportunity to design a bicycle town, beginning in the 1970s, reports The Atlantic Monthly.

“Groningen is the result of very specific policy decisions made a generation ago, which built on the city’s existing advantages,” The Atlantic Monthly reports. The Active Transportation Forum is an attempt to catalog those advantages and build upon them.

The result of 40 years of focused bicycle policies is that half of all trips in this city are by bike. The average person makes 10 bikes trips per week. One can still own a car, but why?