Dutch build freeways for e-bikes

Intercity bicycle motorways dedicated to 30 mph e-bikes could soon get the green light in Holland, reads a press release from the Environmental Transportation Association, a British non-profit insurance company. 

Bikes with the speed of a 50cc moped are popular in Holland and the e-bike freeway would allow commuters to move without frequent stops between four cities.

Germany and Switzerland have established a separate class for higher power electric bicycles. These bikes can travel at speeds of 30mph and face less stringent requirements than mopeds.

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Cycling News: He’s pedaling his amphibian around the world

“Dutchman Ebrahim Hemmatnia is pedalling around England in a boat on the first stage of a fully human-powered round-the-world trip,” reports Bike Hub.

“Ebrahim Hemmatnia is currently making slow progress around England in a large, boat-shaped recumbent. He describes his adventure as a ‘tour with the world’s first amphibian and pedal-powered boat.’???

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