Places We Like: Night Owl Cafe good for coffee, food, bicycle parking


Friday morning the Veggie Biker stayed home.

Instead of commuting to campus, where the classes are over and the grades posted, he pedaled downtown Fullerton to the Night Owl cafe at Amerige Avenue and Harbor Boulevard.

For $5.95 and a tip, one gets a mug of coffee and a bacon and cheese croissant. And bicycle parking. Better, for those who blew a Month’s wages on their ride, the patio permits you to sip and nibble while guarding your carbon-framed investment.

The cafe has been serving students and anyone else for 18 months, according to the owner’s wife. It opens at “ninish.” The staff was just putting up the huge umbrellas as the Veggie Biker was locking up his rig at 9:15 a.m.

The place closes at 3 a.m., but don’t expect immediate seating after 10 p.m. Close by are Fullerton College, Hope University, and California State University–Fullerton. That’s about 60,000 students. And the city of 125,000 attracts enough locals and out-of-towners to keep 45 restaurants in business.

Morning or night, take a ride to the Night Owl.