Bicycle turn signals, lights, and brake light combinations available

bicygnalsThe Veggie Biker replaced a busted taillight with the Bicygnals tail light and turn signal system. The control unit with headlight and turn signal are on the front handle bars. The rear light and turn signal mounts on the seat post.They are connected wirelessly.

Of course, what the veggie guy really wanted was the wireless lights, turn signals and brake light system. But only a few prototypes have been released and are hard to get. You can find wired systems.

The Bicygnals two units nestle together in a small pouch in your brief case. When you are ready to ride, take the front and back units apart, turn each on, watch them blink a few times to indicate they are synched, then snap them onto their handlebar and seat mounts. They snap off easily, too.

Only small problem: The turn signal blinks about 65 times, then turns itself off. A great help 90 percent of the time. However, in a long lane of left-turning traffic, the signal will turn off just as you face off with the car across the intersection.

For Amazon Prime members, the Bicygnals unit arrives in two days.

There is a helmet device, also, but the Veggie Biker had already rigged his helmet with cheap flashing lights and a mirror. And this weekend I saw flashing lights one can weave between your spokes.