My Commute: Your bicycle can be a sidewalk parts store for thieves

Stolen bike parts

Your bicycle can prove to be a sidewalk parts store for thieves. There’s a reason one U-Locks the frame and rear wheel to the pole, while running a cable from the front wheel, through the seat to the U-Lock.

We need a bicycle locking system that works as easily as parking and locking your car.

Consider, you start out parking your new bike using a U-lock connecting the rear wheel to the frame plus the bike rack, with a cable strung through the seat and around the front wheel.( Or you secure your seat permanently with its own cable and remove the front wheel and U-lock it, the frame, and the rear wheel to the pole.)

  • Then, you get tired of using the cable.
  • And then you just snap the U-lock around the frame and the pole.
  • And then, finally, you just lean your bike against the store and run in for a second to grab your laundry.

And, then, someone grabs your bike–or just parts of it.

Thieves are happy just to treat your bike as a sidewalk parts store. And that can be a real pain–if they just took your seat.

Veggie Biking wants a bicycle “Club.” Or it wants bicycle companies to start manufacturing a theft-resistant product that is as easy to use as parking and locking your car.




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