My Commute: A flat tire can ruin your whole ride to work, but only if you let it.

Marcia Jeffredo

Marcia Jeffredo, a locksmith, rides every weekend, then relaxes by riding to work.

(Editor’s Note: Marcia Jeffredo is determined to be a bicycle commuter. She started her ride to work Friday morning from her home in Chino. She commutes by car part of the way and then parks. Then, she cycles the last four miles to Cypress College, and then back again in the p.m. Marcia will be telling the Veggie Biker more about “My Commute” in the upcoming weeks. You can, too.)

I parked my car at the Orangethorpe and Magnolia Park & Ride. Tire started very slowly losing air. Made it to Western and Crescent and had a flat. I was on my mountain bike so it would be easy to wear street clothes and shoes. (My commuter bike was already at work for running errands).

Anyhoo… tried to just add a little air with my hand pump, but no good. Opened the patch kit and peeled one off. It had lost all of its self-stickiness, so I got out the superglue. Gosh darn if it wasn’t dried up.

Wanted to be self-sufficient, so thought about boarding a bus. But then I would have to reassemble everything and I was running later and later. Called a co-worker who lives near there and got a ride. Have now successfully patched the tube. Ready to roll all the way back, without help this afternoon.



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