Child Carrier Seats


Front-Mounted Child Carriers

Let’s be honest, some of you were permanently traumatized as small children by the view from the rear-mounted bicycle child carrier.

The Veggie Biker’s friend, Emma, in New Mexico, recommends the Wee Ride Kangaroo Child Seat. While the Veggie Biker purchased another brand of seat, the iBert Safe-T Front Mounted Child Bicycle Seat, he likes the concept of the up-front-style seats. You can talk to the child as you ride. They experience the steering and navigating of the bike. And there is not the tipping and swaying that seems to come with the rear-mounted carrier. 

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The Veggie Biker bought this Schwinn Child Trailer for 20 bucks at a garage sale. It’s a good price for what is normall a $200-$300 item. However, I find it totally unsatisfying if your goal is to go cycling with a child. HOWEVER, it’s great for hauling a child and groceries; or two children.

Of course, recyclers find these carts great for hauling aluminum cans.

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  1. As a former child who was subjected to the nauseating swaying of a rear-mounted bike seat (not to mention the nauseating view of a father’s back saturated with sweat), I much prefer the front-mounted child seat. Better view … and without the nausea. I’ll pick this for my progeny every time.

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