My Commute: Fullerton’s Thursday Night Farmer’s Market loved by bicyclists

Fullerton's Farmer's Market

Fullerton’s Farmer”s Market provides a great destination for bicyclists on an easy Thursday evening. Good, reasonably-priced food, music and just hanging out make you think it is already Friday.

Fullerton’s Thursday Night Farmer’s Market is directly on the Veggie Biker’s commute home on a Thursday evening. He always carries an extra backpack just incase the fruits and vegetables look particularly good and his panniers overflow.

You can lock your bike to the bike rack or, when it becomes very busy, to the bicycle rope line.

Don’t forget the breads and the flowers. The artist’s stalls provide that last minute gift for someone you may be meeting later to listen to the music on the stage.

The market is open 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. from the first Thursday in April until the last Thursday in October in the Fullerton Downton Plaza, on Wilshire between Harbor and Pomona.

You meet me there next week.



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