Fullerton’s Fox Theater takes VW fans inside

foxcirclethewagen Finally, Fullerton is getting to use its theater, again. Veggie bikers and VW fans get a chance to go inside the Fox Theater June 5 to view a movie. After years of gutting out and sweeping and sawing and sweeping and Spackling (™) and sweeping and by volunteers and contractors, the citizens of Fullerton are seeing more of the inside of the former Vaudeville Theater.

The Fox Theater was an important stop on the Vaudeville circuit that actors--and talking dogs--followed around the nation prior to 1929.

The Fox Theater was an important stop on the Vaudeville circuit that actors–and talking dogs–followed around the nation prior to 1929.

That’s right, it is not a movie theater. It was built so actors like W.C. Fields, Red Skelton, Jack Benny, George Burns and Gracie Allen  and others could get off the train and entertain folks for a few days, then move on around the country following the Vaudeville circuit. Only when Vaudeville crashed did these stars move to cinema and reappear in Fullerton, without their trunks, on the silver screen.

fox theater ceiling hole

The holes in the Fox’s ceiling have long been fixed and the theater inches closer to its old glory.

This is a chance to see the theater half-completed and dream of what it will be again. Volunteers long ago fixed the roof and dusted the bird droppings off the velvet seats. The lights work. The stage is safe. The theater once again has a tenant, a coffee shop, in the retail area.

Have the family take the bicycles and ride over to see the Volkswagens outside; come inside to see the Vaudeville dream being restored.

However, if one wants to be more than a fan, Pat Shepard, volunteer coordinator for the Fox, needs  volunteers to set up this evening. He posted this message:

Calling all ushers and usherettes!

We’re getting ready for a “Movie IN the Fox” on Thursday, June 5th, and we can use your help.  This will be the first one we’ve done in a while, and it will be inside the Fox!  If you can help at all please let me know.

The movie will be “Circle the Wagen” (2013, 86 min), co-written by and co-starring “local boy” Charlie Pecoraro.  Charlie practically grew up at the Fox and has been a long-time supporter.  This will be the first Fullerton screening of Charlie’s film, and what better place than the Fox?  Also included in the event will be a vintage VW car show in the parking lot.

The event will run from about 5:00 to about 9:30 PM, and there are different activities involved.  Volunteers in each area are asked to be there 30 minutes prior to the times listed below.

The time line and volunteer needs are roughly as follows:
4:00 – set up and preparation inside the theater; about four people are needed here.
5:00 – a reserved area of the parking lot will be opened for arrival of the vintage VWs.  Two to four people will be needed for access control.
7:00 – the theater will open for the public to enter and select their seats.  Eight or more ushers will be needed to stand by and assist.
8:00 – the movie will begin; most volunteers will be free to watch.
9:30 – post-film Q&A
9:45 (or so) – after the movie, cleanup as needed, and secure the theater.  As many people as possible are needed here to make it go faster.

Obviously, this kind of thing can’t be done without volunteers.  Thanks for your help.
Pat Shepard
FHTF Volunteer Coordinator