Places We Like: Anaheim Brewery adds Bicycle Parking, Delivery



The Anaheim Brewery is embracing bicycling officially.

Of course, you could always ride up to the brewery, lock your bike to the rail that surrounds the outside dining area, and buy a brew. But now, they have real bicycle racks and bicycle delivery, according to Kevin Kidney, vice president of the Anaheim Historical Society. The society is a big mover in making Old Anaheim and the Colony area “cool.”

The Veggie Biker is tempted to call into the brewery and ask for bicycle delivery to Fullerton; but maybe that’s asking too much for a waiter on a beach cruiser. But it’s another place to which you can pedal–even from Fullerton–and enjoy a relaxing moment.


The brewery site reads:

“Welcome to the Anaheim Brewery! We’re a 140-year old company that just opened. That’s right! The first Anaheim Brewery opened in 1870 in downtown Anaheim. We took a 90 year break after National Prohibition closed the taps in 1920.

“Today, the home of the Anaheim Brewery is the Packard Building, a 1920s structure within the city’s Historic District.

“Stop by our Tasting Room and enjoy a glass of “Famous Anaheim Beer!???
336 S. Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805

Tuesday 5 – 9 pm
Wednesday 5 – 9 pm
Thursday 5 – 9 pm
Friday 4 – 9 pm
Saturday 11 am – 9 pm
Sunday 11 am – 6 pm





Places We Like: Night Owl Cafe good for coffee, food, bicycle parking


Friday morning the Veggie Biker stayed home.

Instead of commuting to campus, where the classes are over and the grades posted, he pedaled downtown Fullerton to the Night Owl cafe at Amerige Avenue and Harbor Boulevard.

For $5.95 and a tip, one gets a mug of coffee and a bacon and cheese croissant. And bicycle parking. Better, for those who blew a Month’s wages on their ride, the patio permits you to sip and nibble while guarding your carbon-framed investment.

The cafe has been serving students and anyone else for 18 months, according to the owner’s wife. It opens at “ninish.” The staff was just putting up the huge umbrellas as the Veggie Biker was locking up his rig at 9:15 a.m.

The place closes at 3 a.m., but don’t expect immediate seating after 10 p.m. Close by are Fullerton College, Hope University, and California State University–Fullerton. That’s about 60,000 students. And the city of 125,000 attracts enough locals and out-of-towners to keep 45 restaurants in business.

Morning or night, take a ride to the Night Owl.

Cycling News: Race to score winners on ability to ride bicycle while wielding their battle axes

Lutsk costume bike ride

Three Lutsk, Ukraine, bicyclists announce May 16 the costumed bicycle ride to promote safety for cyclists. Entrants are judged on their ability to control their bikes while carrying medieval weaponry.


Link Contributed by Okasna Tsymbaliuk, VolynPost Reporter/Photographer

Would cars share the road more with bicycles–if bicycleists carried battle axes?

Some bicyclists in Lutsk, Ukraine, think cars would and have set about to win “a chivalrous space for cyclists.”

A costumed bicycle race, featuring historical characters dressed as knights, will take place May 26 in this city that lies about 70 kilometers east of the Polish Border.

Costumed rider

An entrant for the costumed bicycle race Sunday, May 26, in Lutsk, Ukraine will also be asked to decorate his bike in medieval style, too.

In a Google Translate interpretation, the article reads, the “Velodnya” will be dedicated to costume and historical subjects, announced representatives of the Association of cyclists Lutsk at a press conference.

If you can make it, meet at 10:00 at the statue of the poet, Lesya Ukrainina, in the city square next Sunday. The race starts at 10:30 Cyclists will pass thru “Theatre Square, and along streets Vynnychenka, Victory Avenue, Unity, Youth, Renaissance, Rivne Street, Prospect Will.” The race will finish in Theater Square.

Afterwards organizers promise contests for the best costume and the ability to ride a bike through an obstacle course. At 13:00, at the Botanical Gardens, near the street Chopin, there will be a cross-country race with obstacles..

Organizers said riding with medieval weapons is considered an extreme sport. A surprising distinction in this land where young women learn by 16 to walk to school on glare ice wearing stiletto heels. This is also the land where bored young men jump off five-story buildings into snow drifts below. However, The organizers say they have tested the bicycling-with-weapons event for safety.

One of the organizers of the race, Yuri Moklytsi, has asked participants to not just dress as knights and ladies, but dress their vehicles “in the elements of costume.” The city is offering authentic costumes to entrants.

“This is a very cool thing. If we have 30 percent  of (the attendance) we have conceived, it will then (be our message) is very powerful thundered,” Google translated the president of the Association of cyclists, Dmitry Sandolov, as saying.

Regional Development Association Chairman Peter Hotsalyuk was translated as saying, “For Lutsk cyclists, there are many obstacles. For example, the absence of tracks, parking, safety, too high of fumes. A massive velosvyata will draw attention to the problem. We must win a chivalrous space for cyclists.”

Added Moklytsya, “Sometimes people say the more cyclists (on the road), the greater the risk for (cyclists). However, the European example of this: the more cyclists, the more (drivers) notice and drivers get used to these road users.”

The first bike ride in Lutsk in 2007 gathered 40 participants. In 2011, the event gathered about a thousand entrants. VELODNYA View photos of 2012.

close-up knight cyclist

If you were driving down the street, would you cut off this cyclist–if he was carrying an axe?

ALERT! Free Metrolink ride to OCTA bike rally 7:30 p.m. Thursday in Orange


Alert courtesy Marcia Jeffredo

The Orange County Transportation Authority is sponsoring a bike ride 7:30 p.m. Thursday from the Metrolink Station, 194 N. Atchison Street, in the City of Orange to the OCTA headquarters, 550 S. Main Street, Orange. You will be riding with local elected officials, so get your biking wish list ready.

This is part of its celebration of National Bike Month.

As you can read on this poster, OCTA writes it wants to show you the new bicycles and bicycle parking equipment being introduced by the OCTA for the new BikeLink System. Because Metrolink is offering free train rides to anyone boarding with a bike, you can jump aboard at any Metrolink station and arrive at the Orange station in time for the rally.


Bicycle Travel: Does your bike belong in a Bicycle Zoo?


Photos copyright 2013 Robert R. Mercer

The Veggie Biker felt a bit like an Alice in a Wonderland when creatures from Austin’s Bicycle Zoo was spotted at the Austin Mini Maker Faire May 5. While the Veggie Biker used a Lytro Light Gathering System Camera to photograph Austin, he felt the exotic bicycles deserve even more exotic images.

Rather than use the original Lytro images, in which the viewer can zoom, focus and shift perspective, the Veggie Biker pulled out a Photography 101 assignment he created in Prague–3-D Stereoscopic Images. The assignment came about when he discovered folding stereo post cards with built-in viewers. Instead of making two images and mounting them together, the perspective shift of the Lytro allows you to make a stereoscopic image with just one exposure. You can shoot moving objects!

Of course, you don’t have an old-fashioned viewer; and you probably don’t want to order an inexpensive folding viever, so, just cross your eyes. You can cross your eyes, can’t you? Really, cross your eyes and put your nose about 5 inches away from screen. Ah, yes, that’s it.






Cycling News: He’s pedaling his amphibian around the world

“Dutchman Ebrahim Hemmatnia is pedalling around England in a boat on the first stage of a fully human-powered round-the-world trip,” reports Bike Hub.

“Ebrahim Hemmatnia is currently making slow progress around England in a large, boat-shaped recumbent. He describes his adventure as a ‘tour with the world’s first amphibian and pedal-powered boat.’???

You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.