Veggie Biking is for everyday bicyclists.

Veggie Biking is dedicated to serving those of us who use bicycles everyday. Bikes are how we get to work or go shopping. We care less about gear ratios and more about the best computer pannier; the best child carriers.

Veggie Biking is a nonsense term I coined for my granddaughter. Her parents are dedicated to living healthy. Bikes are part of healthy living, just as eating your vegetables is–but a lot more fun. She has already outgrown her first trike and her second Veggie Biking T-shirt. But we can make more T-shirts for her–and it occurs to me, for you, too. (The bike has a real banana seat!)

Veggie Biking is also an academic exercise. I teach Entrepreneurial Journalism as defined by Mark Briggs, who authored a book by the same name. My college students are required to create a medium that acquires, processes, and distributes information–and pay for it. I will write a business plan and at least try to break even on my Veggie Biking expenses.

Veggie Biking will report Orange County, California, bicycling news. While I am already a part of this community linked by email, I hope to build on the enthusiasm I’ve discovered among local bikers.

But Veggie biker will welcome news from anywhere in the world that is of interest to everyday bikers. I also teach Global Media and have taught in Japan, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Pakistan. I welcome my friends priming the flow of news from those regions.

Other features will include new gear, DIY repair of common problems, and a column by me, “My Commute.” I like to take smartphone images when I ride (aka: shirt pocket journalism). The greatest joy of biking is going slow enough to watch the  small changes in life. For example, the strawberries are ripe now. I watched them planted in December and ripen in the winter. In two months, the fields will be plowed under and another season will begin.

But first, you will watch me struggle to learn WordPress and create strategies for coordinating with the Veggie Biking Twitter site, @veggiebiking, and the Veggie Biking Facebook like page.

Robert R. Mercer